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Kristi Jimenez📧Contact: kristijimenez.biz(at)gmail(dot)com📧

Journalist | Game Developer | Narrative Designer | Writer

Hiya! I'm Kristi Jimenez. I'm a Puerto Rican Games Writer and Narrative Designer! I have three years of games writing and general game development experience. Currently, I'm the Editorial Lead for Press SPACE to Jump, and the Narrative Designer for Snowhaven Studios and Waddling Technology.My goal as a game developer is to create enjoyable, diverse games that'll put a smile on someone's face. If you would like to see what games I've made or contributed to, please check out my portfolio!

Game Developer

Creating games that may make you smile, laugh, and/or cry!


Digital coverage focused on video games.

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My Games

Winning Hearts: Wrestling Otome

GameGenre(s)RoleMisc. Info
IntoxicatingRomance, MysteryProject Lead, Writer, ProgrammerCreated for Yuri Jam 2023
Fling with a TieflingFantasy, RomanceWriter, ProgrammerInspired by Baldur's Gate 3
Winning Hearts: Wrestling OtomeRomComWriter, ProgrammerN/A
Candied HeartsRomance, FantasyProject Lead, Programmer, Common Route & Peppermint Route WriterCreated for Otome Jam 2023
SistersSlice of LifeProject Lead, Writer, ProgrammerCreated for Trans Representation Jam 2023
Beta:OverSlice of LifeProject Lead, Writer, ProgrammerCreated for O2A2 VN Jam 2023
A Late Night ConvoRomanceWriter, ProgrammerCreated for O2A2 VN Jam 2023: Queer Edition, Featured in Indiepocalypse Issue #42
Soft Hearted DrinksRomComProject Lead, Writer, ProgrammerCreated for NaNoRenO 2023, Featured in Queer Games Bundle 2023
Flickering LightFantasyProject Lead, Writer, ProgrammerCreated for Phantasia Jam 2022
Nat(urally) MeFantasy, ComedyProject Lead, Writer, ProgrammerCreated for Trans Representation Jam 2022
Still ShiningSlice of LifeProject Lead, Writer, ProgrammerCreated for O2A2 VN Jam 2022
Panicked and Surrounded by Hot VampiresRomance, SupernaturalProject Lead, WriterCreated for Winter VN Jam 2021
Another DaySlice of LifeWriterFeatured in Queer Games Bundle 2022
The Puppet WhispererComedyWriterCreated for O2A2 VN Jam 2021
Loving You FullySlice of LifeWriterCreated for Valentine's VN Jam 2021
A Marble's MuseRomance, Slice of LifeWriterN/A

Credits in Other Games

Where Winter Crows GoPriKarinRomance, Horror, MysteryProgrammer, Beta Tester, Proofreader
Bardic: Quest for Love (Demo)Breadwork GamesAdventure, Comedy, RomanceLead Writer, Designer
Drops of DeathSnowhaven StudiosRomance, Mystery, ThrillerNarrative Designer
Love's CrescendoSnowhaven StudiosRomance, RhythmNarrative Designer, Beatmap Designer
Our DollhouseFlorisamRomance, ThrillerProgrammer
YOMINOKUNI (Demo)elduatorHorror, Mystery, RomanceQA, Beta Tester
The Last AsterLegendEx GamesRomanceScript Editor
Slippery Flippers: Episode One - Amulet of the GodsSnowhaven StudiosAdventure, ComedyWriter, Narrative Designer
Mythic MeetupHeartmoor StudiosRomance, FantasyNarrative Designer
Not It: Sppokiest EditionSnowhaven StudiosHorror, MysteryOperations

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Looking to hire me for your project, whether that be as a writer or a programmer? As of November 26, 2023, here are my rates for the following services:

  • Writing: $0.02 per word

  • Ren'Py Basic GUI Programming (Main Menu, Textbox, Save/Load, Settings, Quick Menu, Choices, Confirmation): $70

  • Ren'Py Extended GUI (Gallery, Music Room, etc): Add $20 per screen

  • Ren'Py Programming (i.e. Scripting, Animation, etc): $0.013 per word

Currently, I am not accepting any NSFW writing work.

Terms of Service

  • Payments must be made in USD through Paypal

  • Payments can be done in one of two ways depending on the service: After the work is completed, or in two installments (i.e. Half up-front, half after the work is completed). For writing, the payment will be done once the work is completed

  • Orders must be paid in full before delivery

  • I will not provide any services for projects that use AI or AI-created assets